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Air Medical Transportation: The Finest Services

The Finest In Air Medical Transportation

air ambulance jet taking offAir medical transportation services are a critical part of society’s health care and transportation service. A person or company looking for the highest quality medical transportation service of this type has many factors they need to consider. It is very difficult to adopt a “one size fits all” standard to medical transportation because each person requires very specific care. Addressing these needs is even more challenging with air transportation due to the unique constraints that this type of travel inherently confers. This service, which uses state-of-the-art Lear and Cessna Citation jets, is ready to provide fast, reliable and high-quality air medical transportation at a moment’s notice.

Experience is one of the most important elements that clients should look for in their air medical transportation needs. This company has years of experience in the field. This is critically important in the medical industry because a lack of experience will frequently translate into a lack of preparedness which can lead to disastrous results. Never take unnecessary risks with a patient’s life and never let a patient become part of the “on-the-job” learning curve for a new company. The risk is simply not worth it.

The staff that greets the patient on board are trained to carry out all necessary emergency medical treatments and other related options. This has been honed over the years as this service has been around for a long time. This experience ensures the patient will not be in the wrong hands and will be taken care of from beginning to the end of one’s journey.

The staff’s experience also ensures all emergency situations are not dealt with shaky hands. Everything is done with precise, consistent steps as each member recognizes and studies the patient’s particular case. This level of detail is what sets this service aside from the others. Medical air transportation is about making sure the patient is taken care of and this can only be done by those who have experience and understand what is required.

Another important point that needs to be understood about experience is that the more years healthcare workers have under their belts, the more at ease they will be able to put the patient. It is important that a patient knows they are safe and in good hands. This staff has the industry experience to know exactly how to treat the people in their care.


An area that is not always discussed is where does the air ambulance fly. The reason a patient would want or need to require the services of a medical flight would be to travel from one facility to another in a different state across the country or into another country. This is actually a very big consideration as not all air ambulance services are equipped to make these kinds of travel arrangements with the necessary equipment and medical staff. Getting an air ambulance that can travel long distances has different requirements, equipment and staff in order to make that happen. Angel MedFlight has always been a leader in long distance travel and you can read more about the different states and facilities in those areas by visiting one of the following pages:

Domestic Transport Services




New York







One of the largest issues people are concerned with when it comes to medical transportation of any type is whether or not the on-board equipment is up to date and well maintained. This service prides itself on maintaining modern day equipment that is on par with anything you would find at the finest medical establishments. The equipment on board is regularly serviced so clients can rest assured that it is always ready when and if the need arises. The staff is well trained in how to use all of the equipment on board, so the comfort of the patient will be in good hands.

Staff Qualifications:

Training is of course of paramount importance to any high quality air medical transportation team. This can certainly be said for this service. The staff that will be caring for the patients on board are not only healthcare professionals, but they are also put through extensive training and testing to ensure that they know how to comport themselves on-board the air craft. Beyond this, there is a specific emphasis placed on doing everything possible to provide for the comfort of the patient. This is an issue that the service takes particularly seriously. Managing an individual’s comfort and stress level is a critical aspect of keeping them in the best mental and physical condition possible.

Patient Care:

One of the biggest points of concern that people have when hiring this type of service is if the team on board can care for the specific needs of a patient. This is a legitimate concern that needs to be taken very seriously. Before a person is loaded up and the flight departs, the crew has already studied the unique care requirements of the individual. The staff is fully prepared to deliver high-quality vigilant care that will meet the exact specifications of the patient’s care plan. There are many companies that provide state to state transfers and into other countries. You really need to do your research to find one of the companies that can provide that service if you are in need of it. You can find some reputable companies by going to:

These are a few resources you can use to check out some reviews and ratings from reputable sources.


Aviation Careers As An Air Ambulance Medical Flight Company

Sometimes in an emergency, when time is critical and transportation by land is too difficult or even not possible. The Air Ambulance plays a vital role in transporting a patient in a timely manner. It’s often the difference between life and death.

Jet getting fueled for medical flightAir Ambulances are specially outfitted aircraft with life saving monitoring and medical devices on board, as well as highly trained flight paramedics, flight nurses and doctors.

Air Ambulances can be many types of aircraft. One Air Ambulance company we know of owns, maintains and operates their own advanced fleet of jets, including a Cessna Citation X, Learjet 60 and Learjet 35. These state of the art jets are configured like a flying intensive care unit (ICU) in the sky.

Sometimes in emergency situations patients need to be transported to hospitals that can be hundreds, even thousands of miles away from home. Sometimes they need to be transported internationally. This is when the speed and range of the Air Ambulance is crucial. There are many occasions when an Air Ambulance is needed. For instance, when a pregnant mother needs transport and cannot be transported by ground, when a critically sick patient needs to be sent for specialized treatment, even when donated organs need to be transported fast. The best Air Ambulance companies should be licensed and own and operate the best, state of the art aircraft, and be able to help families and patients through every step of the transport process. The below choices can help you find the right air ambulance company to help you:

Angel MedFlight – Air Ambulance Service

WorldWide Air Ambulance – Air Ambulance Medical Flight Services

Worldwide MedFlight – Med Flight Services

The pilots and medical personnel should be specially trained and highly skilled in their fields. Aircraft should be safe, fast and comfortable for the patient and family members. Air Ambulances Service companies serve an important role in the care and transport of ill patients. With their speed and ability to monitor and medicate patients in flight, they have helped save many people’s lives that were faced with an unexpected emergency.

As a child did you look up in the air and watch a jet fly by or go on a plane trip with your parents and sneak a look into the cockpit and get excited as the jet took off? As an adult do you like to hang out at your local airport and watch the planes come and go? Many of us dreamed of being an airline pilot when we were kids and still do today as adults. If you’re just starting out or making a career change and want to know more about how to pursue a job in aviation, here are some useful tips.

There all kinds of aviation jobs for pilots. You can be a flight instructor, charter pilot, tour pilot, commercial pilot, air ambulance pilot, cargo pilot or join the military and become a pilot. There are endless possibilities. But how do you get there? Well, there are many ways. You can do an internet search for your local flight school at a nearby airport and call them to schedule an intro flight. This is a short flight where you’ll learn the basics about the aircraft, go for a flight and usually get to fly the plane under the guidance of a certified flight instructor. The flight school can quote you the costs of obtaining your licenses. Your first license will be your Private Pilot Certificate. Then to fly commercially, you’ll need to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate. You can visit for details and requirements.

Another route to take is a professional flight program at an accredited University like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Of course, you can also join a branch of the military to learn to fly.

Another alternative to being a pilot is being an air traffic controller or flight dispatcher. If you would like to be involved in aviation and help people, being a flight paramedic or flight nurse is another wonderful aviation career.   These specialized medical professionals fly on air ambulances and help sick patients while in flight.

Some air ambulances use helicopters, some operate turbo prop planes and some operate state of the art jets, capable of fast flights and traveling longer distances. If you want to be a pilot for a company that operates these kind of jets, you’ll need special type ratings to fly these jets and you’ll need a lot of flight hours and experience. Flying is a rewarding and fun career with many great opportunities. Just choose your path and you’ll be on your way to fulfill your dream.