Life Flight

Different Type of Life Flight In The Air

lear_jet_internal_picWhen most patients and individuals think of life flight, they think of an emergency helicopter taking them from one location to another for a short distance. Helicopter is not the only means of patient transportation that can provide a patient with a transfer to another hospital. For longer distances, most patients need to look into a different type of life flight like an airplane. Life Flight air ambulance is widely used and for a longer distance, a charter plane or Lear Jet will be used for that specific transfer.

Benefits of Lear Jet Life Flight Transports

Lear Jets have more room on board vs most any other patient air transport service for patients. On board a Lear Jet or Cessna Jet, there is enough room for the patient, medical equipment, the medical staff and in most cases a loved one to accompany the patient during the transfer. One of the largest concerns for patients/people is when they are being transferred to a new location or hospital is the equipment needed to keep them healthy. By finding a good company that has years of experience in the business and has a medical team on staff, you can rest assured that they will have a lot of the same equipment used in your hospital room for monitoring and emergencies.


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