Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Services May Save Lives

Sometimes patients need to be transferred from one facility to another that can provide different treatments or procedures in order to survive. Many times these facilities may be in another state or even another country. If this is the case, people will seek out some of the best options in order to acquire medical services while they are traveling. This is the importance of obtaining the services of an air ambulance medical flight.

What Is An Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is an aircraft equipped with everything needed to monitor and treat injured or severely ill patients. Air ambulances are medically staffed, therefore emergency medical care can be provided during the flight. Using Lear Jets and Cessna Citation Jets, our air ambulance company offers the maximum level or safety, comfort and efficiency.


Advantages of Air Ambulance Services

The most important advantages offered by an air ambulance compared to ground ambulances are speed and access. An aircraft won’t have to cut its way through the other vehicles on the road, it won’t have to deal with rush hours or road works. Besides, air ambulances can go where ground vehicles may have difficult access. While in densely populated areas, such services may seem redundant and quite cumbersome and costly to make use of, remote communities can surely benefit from them.

Standards of Operation

Air ambulance services are regulated by standards. The requirements for air ambulance pilots to get accredited are higher than the average, therefore flight safety has significantly improved since these standards were implemented.

The compliance of the staff with the accreditation standards is regularly checked by the organization that issued the accreditation. This fact ensures that patients will always receive the highest level of care and attention. Since medicine, and particularly emergency medicine, is such a dynamic area, accreditation standards are also periodically revised in order to integrate the newest medical procedures and technologies.

The medical staff on an air ambulance is more skilled than simple paramedics, since they need to be able to take difficult medical decisions, should some emergency occur while in the air. Sometimes, functions like reading X-rays and interpreting lab results are required; therefore the staff should be able and qualified to them. There would be strict protocols for various situations, protocols which need to be respected at all times by the whole crew.

Types of Services An Air Ambulance May Offer

When you think “air ambulance”, the first thing that comes to mind is an emergency. However, there may be other situations in which a patient could use air transport. One good example is neo-natal and pediatric transport. Whenever a small baby needs to be transferred to a certain hospital for a major surgery that can’t be performed elsewhere, it is vital that the transport takes as little time as possible. Such a transport will benefit from the presence on board of a special medical team experienced in neonatal and pediatric intensive care.

Another situation in which time can be crucial is the transplant of organs. Sometimes the patient needs to be transferred to the hospital where the organ and the medical team wait for him. Other times, the lifesaving organ needs to be transported from a hospital or medical facility to the place where the patient is. In both situations, the faster this transfer can be made, the more chances are that the organ will be viable and the transplant surgery will be successful.

Air ambulance services usually take care of all logistic details in order to secure a smooth bed-to-bed transfer of the ill person. Most of the time, they also handle the issues related to medical insurance, thus making it easier for the patient and for the supporting persons.

Air ambulance services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They save lives while the rest of the world sleeps.


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